Synnove left for Oslo on 18 July. After the ferry to arrive in Denmark, he began to go on Via Romea Germanica, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by friends, such as Werner Binnen in Ochsenfurt and Gigi Zoppello in Trento. In Forlì was welcomed and accompanied by friends Piero and Sabatino. Now she is facing Passo Serra, but the beautiful days of this fall are over …. Here is the snow! after an evening at La Campanara in Galeata, before Bagno di Romagna was met halfway through a snowstorm …. Fortunately, we are received by the excellent Adriana of Hotel Gamberini who gave us many good foods to eat and thanks to the friends of Bagno di Romagna who will accompany her for a while. Arrival in Rome is scheduled for December 19, after 5 months and 2,800 km !!

It is possible to follow her blog (with many photos) clicking her name: SYNNØVE

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