The Via Romea Germanica, as in previous years, participates in the initiative of the Emilia-Romagna Region which has asked the various Associations and Public and Private entities of the Region to organize events concerning the enhancement of the Walks, together with the Architectural, Cultural, Spiritual and Religious beauties, Heritage of our territories.
This in close collaboration with the Episcopal Conference of Emilia-Romagna.
These two realities: E.R. Region and CE E.R Conference are the first in Italy to put together their vocation and their action (secular and religious) to launch an initiative towards the material and spiritual promotion of Man, linked to the Cultural Heritage of a territory.
The VIA ROMEA GERMANICA, in various ways, is involved in three initiatives: in Civitella and in Galeata (in the area near Forlì) and in Bologna.
The Via Romea Germanica declares his willingness to this and to all such initiatives that the various Regions of Italy, Austria and Germany will want to promote.


ITALY – CIVITELLA – Sanctuary of Suasia     (POSTPONED)



ITALY – GALEATA – Abbey of Sant’Ellero   (POSTPONED)


ITALY – BOLOGNA – Basilica of San Martino Maggiore