On Saturday 5 March 2022, at the invitation of the Triveneta Association of the Friends of Santiago, the President of the European Association of the Via Romea Germanica, Foietta Flavio, was invited to make known and report on the Via Romea project. With him also the councilor of the Via Romea for the Veneto, Luigi Polo. A wonderful day, which began in the morning with a visit to the city: the Center with the Bisatto canal that crosses it, the Federician Keep, the Castle, the Via delle Sette Chiese (Road of the Seven Churches), the Old Cathedral. Monselice is a lively, orderly town, rich in history and culture: definitely worth visiting and spending at least one day there. The Tourist Office, in its posters, already promotes and lists the activities also done on the Via Romea, making it known to the general public of bicycle enthusiasts. The Councilor of the Municipality, Dr. Francesca Fama, also participated in the meeting with the Friends of Santiago, who also illustrated the project that together with the other municipalities in the area, including the members VRG: Tribano, Anguillara and Pozzonovo, are bringing forward for the promotion of the Via Romea Germanica in their territory. The friends of Santiago were asked to collaborate on various activities and to participate in the Pilgrim Open Horizons project which leave Stade for Rome next June. Thanks to the Municipality of Monselice, to the Friends of Santiago Association, to Father Leone Tagliaferro, to Giannino Scanferla who managed the beautiful day brilliantly.