Dear Friends, many (Public Administrations, Managers, Guides, Walkers and Bike enthusiasts …) are wondering how to enhance this important part of Tourism that we call “Slow Tourism”.
Important for intrinsic values (of culture, environment, spirituality, health, knowledge … ..).
Also important for the economy of the places that have always been quite out of the usual tourism circuits
It is useful that those who live daily these realities give their suggestions.
These are some proposals made by the EAVRG Association (thanks to the contribution of several friends: walkers and cyclists), which tends to enhance Slow Tourism, especially in its structuring, taking up that beautiful operation, made by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT ) in 2017 and which led to the creation of the ATLAS OF THE WALKS.
This Atlas must increasingly become the reference point for Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Associations and for all the actors that revolve around this type of tourism.
Due to its characteristics, this type of tourism could truly be the great opportunity of the near future!!