The European Association of the Via Romea Germanica EAVRG is determined to obtain the recognition as a European Cultural Interest Route. It is an ambitious goal that we have been pursuing for several years. However, the European Association, which its members are the Italian Via Romea Association, the German Romweg Abt Albert Association, the Austrian Jerusalem Way Association, was born in Bolzano only last year. We commissioned the expert Alberto D’Alessandro to review and update the Dossier and the Attachments, assisted primarily by Luigi Zoppello, Thomas Dahms and Foietta Flavio. Contacts with the Institute are frequent: recently we participated in the “workshop” conference in Sweden, we will soon participate in what will be held in Romania. Last Tuesday we took advantage of the courtesy of the Institute and in particular of the Director dr. Stefano Dominioni (with his staff) to make checks on what we will have to deliver next September 16th, 2019 for the examination of independent experts of the Institute. Also and above all, on this objective we are supported by our numerous partners and friends who follow us with affection and competence. Many thanks to all!

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