The appointment in Luxembourg on April 2 has been canceled for the Coronavirus. We were ready to intervene and introduce ourselves to the European representatives who must decide on the Recognition of the European Cultural Routes.
We were invited, as the only three Cultural Routes candidates this year are:
1) Nikola Tesla Network
2) European Network of Historic Gardens
3) Via Romea Germanica
So the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA is the only Italian, Austrian and German Route and it is the only one that is a Way Route.
Everything is then postponed to October 7-8 in Crete.
In the meantime, taking advantage of the Report made by the evaluator, Prof. Kerstin Manz (from Unesco) with whom we were on 17 and 18 December in Bolzano-Trento-Valsugana, we try to complete some points, such as the commitment of the Austrian Bodies and Associations (in the meantime the Municipality of Patsch has become a member and we are also waiting for the strong Tyrolean Association of the Jakobsweg) and to better structure ourselves as a European Association, in a peaceful and active atmosphere with Italian, German and Austrian friends.
On October 7/8, therefore, we want have feast days for the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA to become (in Italy) the second Itinerary recognized by Europe, like the Francigena.
Together it’s possible!! Thanks to our German, Austrian and Italian Councilors!
Thanks to everyone and see you soon.
Flavio Foietta, President and of the EAVRG