In Rome, November 14th, 2019, an important conference will be held dedicated to the three Romees (the Via Francigena, recognized as a European Cultural Interest Route, Romea Germanica and Romea Strata, awaiting recognition). Promoted by the CAST (Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism – Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna), and the Italian Geographic Society (SGI), and organized by Fiorella Dallari, professor of the Alma Mater and member of the SGI, will be held at the headquarters of the SGI, Villa Mattei. The conference will also focus on the city of Rome, as a point of arrival for pilgrims and a historic religious destination, to learn more about what pilgrims did when they arrived at the Eternal City: what they were worshiping, what they did, religious practices, where they were staying, where they ate, who attended. Thus, to know the pilgrimage “between past and future”, in order to better study and guide the modern pilgrimage. We are pleased to participate, also because we are already candidates for recognition by the Council of Europe.