Two big events for Saturday, September 16, 2017:

FIRST WALKING ON THE ROAD (click for brochure / program): Equestrian Associations “Cavalieri per Caso”, “Cavalieri del Treja”, “Clodia” and “Cavalieri di Cesano” will depart from Cortona (AR) to reach Rome by testing and opening the Equestrian Way of Via Romea Germanica. At 16.00, from the Fountain of the Parterre of Cortona, in the presence of the Mayor and Authorities, 16 Knights will leave to cover in 8 stages the 300 km separating them from St. Peter’s Square according to the attached program.

Cortona’s councilor ALBANO RICCI writes : The city of Cortona has entered the Circuit of Romea Germanica, a historical and naturalistic route, less than a year and today the project comes alive with an initiative that will involve Cortona on Saturday, September 16th. In particular, a group of riders will depart from Cortona to reach Rome along the Via Romea Germanica. A trip of eight planned stages, each of about seven hours of a ride, for a total of 278 kilometers that constitute the official track of the Ippovia Romea Germanica, through Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The course was realized thanks to the commitment of the “Cavalieri per caso” Association, which in collaboration with other equestrian associations “Knights of Treja” Nepi (VT), “Clodia” of Oriolo Romano (VT) and “Cavalieri di Cesano” (Rome) have traversed the ancient jubilee paths.

 15 knights are going to make the first pilgrimage ride from Cortona to the Capital. Cortona is the crossroads of religious roads, such as the Francigena, the path of St. Francis, the path of Santa Margherita, the Via Lauretana, the way of the Abbeys, and some cultural paths such as the path of the MAEC Archaeological Park, the Phoenician Route with the Etruscan Network, and the Reclamation Path. The horse-route enhances Cortona’s opportunities for a tour of the area. On Saturday, September 16th, at 17.00, the official departure of the Knights from the Fountain of the Parterre of Cortona, then the Horse-road Romea Germanica Cortona – Rome will be a reality for all lovers of historical-natural riding.

FLAVIO FOIETTA comments: Via Romea Germanica is a great event because it takes the form of equestrian road. We will also aim to sort out the horse-road from Cortona towards the Brenner and beyond …. A great way that using the passion and the values of the knights will be a further brotherly link between the crossed European Nations. Via Romea will be present at Cortona with its president Rodolfo Valentini. Thanks to Plinio Pastorelli and Albano Ricci

PRESENTATION OF THE GUIDE IN FRANCOLINO (FERRARA)  (click for brochure/program): Within the Festival of Santa Liberata, at Francolino, at 18.00 the Via Romea Guide will be presented. Organized by the City of Ferrara, the Parish and the Pro Loco of Francolino, there will be: on. Paola Boldrini of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna Regional Advisor Mirco Bagnari, Ferrara City Councilor Roberta Fusari, Author Simone Frignani, Patrizia Filippi and Councilor Alessandro Talmelli, who worked admirably on the organization.

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