From 18 to 22 October 2017, four of the 6 GALs in Emilia-Romagna (L’Altra Romagna, Delta 2000, the Ducato and the Valli del Marecchia e del Conca) carried out an important mission to Santiago de Compostela in anticipation of future commitments to use European funds (2014-2020) that LAGs (together with the Region) want to bind to the theme of the Paths. The aim was therefore to know the reality of the most famous and structured path in the world, to understand the involvement of public and private entities and their coordinated work to promote the economy, tourism and the development of the territory. Important meetings with the GAL Terras de Pontevedra, with the Company that manages the Santiago Tourist Office, with the vice-mayor of Santiago, with AGADIR, a Public Company dealing with tourism in Galicia and the Xacobeo Company that deals with all the walks in Galicia and 74 public hostels. For our Association, Flavio Foietta had participated as listener; he could touch the Way from the political and managerial point of view, after having known it as a simple pilgrim. The mission was also very useful for our Association, which is preparing for the improvement as the European Association of Via Romea Germanica.