It is not the mythical “Eldorado”, the lost city of pre-Columbian America, but a name that for the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA assumes a historical-cultural value of great importance. In the ANNALES STADENSES the Monaco Alberto, between “Castel” = Città della Pieve, at 10 leucae (about 20 km) places the locality “Saminian” which in turn is 6 leucae (about 12 km) from “Orbete” = Orvieto. But traces of this place have been lost for centuries. It seems that the latest news is from the 13th century in a trial that saw the accused of the brigands who had attacked the pilgrims, then considered sacred. About “SARMINIAN” have written our historian Giovanni Caselli, the historian Renato Stopani, the archaeologist Francesca Bianco, the geologist Francesco Biondi, the local historian Giorgio Mancini and various enthusiasts such as Riccardo Paoletti. Now the will of the research is clear, which currently revolves around the Torronaccio farm, located on the Cassia Antica and which seems to meet the requirements. In fact, in a grove, surrounded by the remains of watchtowers, there are powerful ruins of an ancient construction, with consistent walls and a spring, as well as a partly paved road. He could have been the SARMINIAN of the monk Albert. An in-depth research and recovery of the area, even for pilgrims following in the footsteps of Rome, must be done!