Saturday 22 and Sunday, October 23, 2016 – Cortona: City of the Etruscans. Presentation of VIA ROMEA GERMANICA Guide and more: see the poster.


The town of Cortona preserves wonderful testimonies of its glorious past. Walking through the streets you meet the two main squares, Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Signorelli, with their imposing buildings that enclose their entire history from Etruscan times to the present day; first of all the Town Hall, whose staircase dominates the ancient forum of the city. The imposing Church of San Francesco, the relics casket and works of art of inestimable value, stands among the most beautiful religious structures of Tuscany. The city’s museums are honored to guard some of the most important examples in the area such as the elegant altarpiece realized by the Renaissance artist Fra Angelico, the dramatic Deposition by Luca Signorelli and the numerous archaeological finds where the Tabula Cortonensis and the Etruscan chandelier, emerge among the most important finds in the history of this magnificent people who, in the IV century BC, began to build the city walls.
High on a hill above the near Valdichiana, Cortona was always a hub of culture, a favorite place for artists and intellectuals in search of inspiration and peace.