The week of the RURAL SUMMER SCHOOL SERVICE LEARNING that the University of Bologna, Department of Psychology organized in various locations (Sarsina, Brisighella, Santa Sofia) ended on Saturday 18 July. The six girls destined for Santa Sofia, of different disciplines, were divided between the Municipality, Auser and Via Romea. The Via Romea was attended by an Abruzzese student of “Management of Social Economy” and a Livornese of “International Relations”. Six days of intense work, in which they examined our activities and made proposals regarding promotion towards schools and the world of youth. The Via Romea Association has made available Alberto Pistocchi, from the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Cervia, the journalist Alberto Merendi, the guide Pierluigi Ricci. In addition, the journalist Gigi Zoppello, deputy editor of the newspaper “L’Adige” and Foietta Flavio, president of the European association of the Via Romea Germanica.
Other important moments, for the Via Romea, were the visit to the monument to the fallen shot of the Carnaio massacre, the visit to Bagno di Romagna and the structures linked to the Via Romea, the walk on the ancient route between Civitella and Bagno di Romagna. Special thanks go to the University of Bologna, with which we would like to implement this collaboration and to the Municipality of Cervia with which the Via Romea instead collaborates on a regular basis. Last but not least, our recognition goes to the LAG “Altra Romagna” (from which the proposal before the “lockdown” started), which oversaw the logistical organization and incurred part of the costs.
All of this is a beautiful example of collaboration between Public Bodies, Universities and Associations for mutual promotion; we hope that others also want to take inspiration.

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