There is a big and beautiful news on the Tuscan stretch of the Via Romea Germanica!
The Tuscany Region, in collaboration with the Regional CAI, has invested to ensure safety for all those who walk the paths of its territory.
The Tuscan stretch of the Via Romea Germanica, over 150 km, goes from the Apennine Passo Serra on the border with Romagna to Pozzuolo on the border with Umbria, including the path to La Verna.
The CAI section of Arezzo, responsible for the territory, has already started putting up yellow signs as shown in the photo below. These indicate the national emergency number 112 and report an id number and an abbreviation that will fix the exact position of the caller, once the system is activated.
60 of these signs are expected along the Tuscan route; they bear the initials RG that indicates the Romea Germanica and an id number, which must be communicated to the operator during the emergency call.
In the variant of La Verna, on the other hand, there are yellow signs with the initials SI, because it overlaps with the “Sentiero Italia CAI”.

In addition to the initials, the signs also include a QRcode which, duly pointed with the mobile phone, refers to the regional site “VISIT TUSCANY” on which all the stages of the Via Romea, extracted from our official website, are shown.
The CAI Georesq rescue app is then provided free of charge for whoever is on the Via Romea Germanica in the Tuscan stretch.
This app has been used for several years by CAI members who can freely download it by joining the association and is made available free of charge to walkers who are along the Tuscan stretch of the VRG.
For more information on using the app, consult the website
Thanks from Via Romea Germanica to the Tuscany Region, to the CAI of Arezzo (whom we have been collaborating for years for maintenance) and to the nine Municipalities of Tuscany, our members.


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