With CAI Arezzo the Via Romea Germanica has agreed on the cleaning of the paths and the maintenance of signs in Tuscany, from the Serra Pass to the border with Umbria (Castiglione del Lago). The CAI is joined by other friends who deal with partial sections. To all of these a warm thanks for the commitment and professionalism shown. So the checks began at the most demanding points. We would like to point out what the Pro Loco of Corezzo, the parish and the population does for its territory. A community of “only” about 70 inhabitants, very active. They have set up a Hostel at the Parish, an agreement with the bar-restaurant for those who want to go beyond: on foot or by bicycle. In addition, an Educational Circuit linked to Biodiversity (close to the Casentinesi Forest National Park). All this adds up to existing public reception structures (the Festa del Tortello in Lastra is famous ….). Tangible sign of a very active Pro Loco (Sirio Farini president) of a welcoming community. Thanks to you all for this example given to the Via Romea Germanica: a sign of trust, hope, desire to do …..

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