Our VIA ROMA GERMANICA will participate at the European Forum of the Paths, which will take place in Lucca from 27 to 29 September.
In particular, in the Session of September 28, we will be able to illustrate our project.
President Rodolfo Valentini will represent us
There will be a physical space for the presentation of VRG’s illustrative material
The invitation, made by the Director of COE Dr. Stefano Dominioni, is a big achievement for us and we have to thank so many of our great friends who believe in our project.
We have also asked the German friends of Romweg Association to attend and, in the absence of President Andreas Memmert, unable to do so, there will be the VicePresident Michael Weiss accompanied by Ulrike Steger.
Everyone, first our Councilors, is invited to participate and to help because we can do our part well.
We can and should all be happy about that.
Let us remember that we are at the threshold of the birth of the European Association of Via Romea Germanica and the official launch for recognition as a Route of European Cultural Interest



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