In mid-March 2018, simultaneously with the passing of the Argentine lamas and the three friends of Bozen, two Belgian girls were passing, who made some stages with them. We gave them help, but our attention was focused on passing the lamas. Now Isabella Zuliani (whom we sincerely thank) points out to us the importance of this project aimed at the recovery of young people with serious problems. I believe that the Via Romea Germanica can and should be available for this type of project.
A few days ago I learned of the fortuitous accompaniment with the two Belgian walkers you know, in the adventure of these weeks, from the organization that sent them, Alba. I do not know how much you have been able to deepen the why of their walk and I would like to give you some more information because we in Italy are trying to propose the same model.
This is an educational experience, started by the Belgians almost 40 years ago (at that time the organization was called Oikoten) and also imported by the association Seuil in France for almost 20 years.
A young man or a young woman walks with a criminal record or “simply” with a difficult life in the company of an adult who shares throughout the experience. They walk for about three months, in great sobriety, covering about 2000 kilometers, abroad.
It is an opportunity for disorientation for the minor, for the encounter of a world with never-before-seen facets, with continual opportunities to nurture the self-esteem they often lack (despite an apparent attitude of great security)
I leave the blog of our small association for any future insights.
Good walk!!
Isabella Zuliani