Thanks to the Municipality of Marradi (member of the Via Romea Germanica), some Associations of that part of Romagna-Tuscany are working for the reconstruction of the VIA ROMEA DEI GUIDI, part of the Via Romea Germanica System, that is the Routes additional to the Axis of the “Melior Via” indicated by Monaco Alberto after his 1236 voyage. Over the centuries these roads were full of history, life, steps of every human activity (pilgrims, merchants, soldiers, men of letters, artists …) that moved with the final goal of the Throne of Peter and the City of Rome.For centuries the Guidi Counts were holders of the fate of a vast territory, through Tuscany, Romagna and Emilia. It seems that the family was born with Teudelgrimo I, a knight following the Emperor Otto I and coming from Germany; the last branch, that of the Counts Guidi di Poppi, was extinguished in 1440 by the Republic of Florence.
The inauguration will take place at the Badia della Valle of San Pier Damiani in Lutirano (see map), at 5.00 p.m., where Chiara di Maria will state her Graduation Thesis and Rodolfo Valentini will speak about the Via Romea Germanica and its perspectives.


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