On October 24th 2019 VRG and EAVRG went to Veneto to meet the Administration of the Municipality of Anguillara Veneta and the LAG Patavino in Monselice and the LAG Delta Po in Bosaro of Rovigo. Accompanied by the former Mayor of Anguillara, Luigi Polo, we were welcomed by the new Mayor, Ing. Alessandra Buoso. We have delivered to the Mayor the Banner of the Veneto Region, as well as the brochures in Italian and English that were provided to us by the Region itself. Anguillara will be the reference municipality of the Via Romea Germanica in Veneto and Luigi Polo our regional referent. A very productive meeting to get to know each other and plan the next interventions on the territory, was done with the LAG Patavino and its Director Giuseppina Botti. The Patavino LAG involves 6 municipalities crossed by the VRG (Montegrotto, Due Carrare, Battaglia, Monselice, Pozzonovo, Anguillara). Later, in Bosaro, the meeting with the GAL Delta Po (our member) represented by its director Stefano Fracasso. The municipalities involved are 4 (Bosaro, Pontecchio, Guarda Veneta, Polesella). In the near future, cognitive meetings with the 2 groups of Municipalities are expected soon with the addition of neighboring ones interested in the passage of the Via Romea Germanica, but not included in the LAG.