on Saturday, November 16th 2016, with the Assembly of the Association VRG, we approved these points:

     A) NEW BOARD:

1) ZANETTI Liviana – President
2) VALENTINI Rodolfo – Deputy President 
3) FOIETTA Flavio – Treasurer
4) BRICCA Ivana – Counsilor for Umbria-Lazio
5) GIORGI Giorgio – Counsilor for Tuscany
6) POLO Luigi – Counsilor for Veneto
7) ZOPPELLO Luigi – Counsilor for Trentino
8) CUCINATO Cesare – Counsilor for Sudtirolo/Alto Adige
9) BONDI Dario – Counsilor for Associations and Vie Romee System


All the Member Public Bodies will appoint their delegates to work with the Association Board